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Industrial Pressure Testing with Accurate Results

We offer strain gauge testing for our clients as well.

Industrial Pressure Testing Services

We are the perfect source for companies that have work that involves the flow of certain liquids through cylinders, pipes, and more. If those pathways are defective, the fluid could leak and cost you in many ways. Prevent problems like this with our industrial pressure testing services from Houston, Texas.

Temperature and Pressure Testing from Houston, TXPressure and Temperature Testing of Oilfield Valve

Trybar (formerly the pressure testing arm of Maxbar, Inc.) specializes in proof pressure and other pressure related tests that can run from vacuum to 200,000 psi. Our services range from basic proof testing to more elaborate tests that involve pressure and other factors such as temperature, external loading, strain recording, and insulation resistance.

A Leader Among Pressure Testing Companies

Safe operation and stability within the system are vital for any business that uses pressurized machinery. Our team understands what it takes to maintain and service pipes, cylinders, tanks, and other component functions. We know it is essential to stay ahead of issues, which is why we provide comprehensive pressure testing services that ensure every aspect of your equipment performs as designed.

No matter what your industry, application, or the size of the parts, our pressure testing company has the expertise required to protect the integrity of your processes. There is little room for error with pressurized components, and the consequences of failure can be catastrophic. Our services simulate real-world operations, which means you can trust the results with unwavering certainty.

Give yourself and your business the peace of mind needed to operate confidently by contacting us to discuss pressure testing your machinery. We offer customized services to our clients so you can feel assured that we are testing your system according to your specific requirements.

Reach out to us anytime to discuss your equipment parameters, system, and expectations, and we will tailor our services to your needs. Our pressure testing company is an expert in the industry, and it shows.

Industrial Expertise

We offer pressure cycling testing, and combined pressure/external load testing, and pressure/temperature cycling for API 6A and API 17D PSL qualification testing, for example.  

We are always adding equipment for external pressure testing, and the following is currently available:

  • Compressed air to 6,000 psi
  • Compressed inert gas to 30,000 psi
  • Liquid pumps to 200,000 psi
  • Pressure vessels for external pressure testing (internal dimensions):
  • 4¾" diameter x 74" long, 30,000 psi, can be heated to 350οF
  • 10" diameter x 25" long, 25,000 psi, ambient temperature
  • Environmental chambers:
Width Height Depth Temperature Range (F)
14½" 8½" 10" -70 to +525
20" 11" 13½" -70 to +525
22½" 48" 24½" -70 to +257
  • Furnace for hot testing only, 36" diameter x 43" deep, ambient to 2,000οF

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When you need results you can depend upon rely on at the team from Trybar. Our pressure testing company in Houston, TX, works with you to ensure your pressure vessels and systems are operating flawlessly. Reach out to us for pressure testing services you can rely on to assess that the pipes and systems carrying pressurized fluids throughout your property are safe.

An issue with a pressure vessel may result in a mere decrease in performance and stability. But on the other hand, a serious problem could lead to failure that causes serious injuries and significant property damage. This is not a scenario you want to encounter and that is why you should choose us for pressure testing. Reach out today for a quote on pressure cycling testing, insulation resistance assessments, and any of our other services.

Protecting Equipment Performance

When you need to know your equipment will perform as expected, testing in a safe environment is the best option. Should your components fail, you want them to do so under controlled conditions. Not only can we record the results so you can make modifications, but our internal and external pressure testing will also help prevent accidents and downtime out in the field. Our team of pressure and leak testing professionals can complete a review of your equipment and ensure everything will operate as expected.

Ask us about internal and external pressure testing, strain gauging, and autofrettage, and we’ll establish a process to evaluate the stability of your parts and the safety of your worksite. Because our customers' equipment operates under high stress and adverse conditions, it requires an experienced company to analyze and assess its capabilities.

Whether you’re working with small parts or large ones, we have the skill and expertise to test internal, transient, and external pressure so you can establish the parameters of your equipment and make adjustments if required. Explore our case studies to better understand what we can do to protect the integrity of your projects with reliable metrics and trustworthy results.


We understand that testing accuracy is a matter of safety and success for your facility, and it is why we emphasize precise results from the pressure testing services we provide. If you need burst testing or HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) testing, we are ready to deliver the solutions required for your equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to accuracy and to book our services.

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